How to buy on Portal

Follow the steps below for ordering our online available food. For better use of our web portal follow steps as mentioned. We wish you excellent experience with us.

Step 1

If you are not yet member then click on the "SignUp" link available on Topbar Next to "Login". By doing so you will be routed to SignUp page where you will provide following.

Full name: Your full name as per your IC/Passport.

User/Login ID: Any short name that you will always use on login page.

Your Email: Give your valid email because all transaction details will be send to you via email.

Password: Give any password that can easily remember. Password should be minimum 8 to maximum 20 characters long.

Confirm Password: Please enter the same password again.

Agreed Checkbox: First read the terms of service and then click the checkbox. After that click Sign Up Button below.

Once you click the signup button your information will be saved in our system and we will send you one link in the email that you mention in email option. Go to your email and click the link to activate your account. Once you account is active you will have access to all our value meals and special deals. Also you will be able to complete your profile in accounts section on your dashboard.

Step 2

Click on the "Login" in the top bar on the portal. You will be routed to a login page where if you already signed up with us, can fill in your login details and click Login Button.

Step 3

Once you have successfully logged in, you will be routed to dashboard where you will be able to click on the “Menu Type” or purchase your favorite food/meal via “Search for Meal”.

Step 4

For selecting the desired menu/meal/food item, bring your mouse cursor on the picture of the product and it will turn into order, here you click on "Add To Cart" or can select add on for adding items.

Step 5

Once you click on "Add To Cart", you will see a small shopping cart window will open and will display your items. If you don't want to add more items click on "Checkout Now".

Step 6

On Checkout page Select your bill address, if you want to add a new address, select "Add a new address". The system will default to the address you filled in when you logged in to the member. After selecting the billing address, click "Continue".

Step 7

Next, choose a shipping method. The shipping method will be determined by the seller. After selecting the shipping method, click "Continue".

Step 8

Select the payment method. Currently, the payment method supported by this site is Bank Transfer. Once selected, tick the “Privacy Policy. Then click on “Continue”.

Step 9

At this point, your order will be confirmed again. After confirming that your goods are correct, click “Confirm Order”. You can then proceed with the transfer step.

Your order has been successfully submitted! and many more! Don't forget to submit your Bank In Slip to us!

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